14 Week Challenge: Week 4

Complete 14 art projects

I love owls. A lot. I love them so much, I’m decorating Cecilia’s room in owls to the point that I fear she will harbor a deep seeded hatred toward them. I only hope that she grows to love them as much as I do.

The only thing is that when I have painted before, I never planned it. It was always off the top of my head, and I ended up not liking what I did later down the road because it just seemed right at the time…not forever.

I was never interested in drawing anything until recently, when I came up on some drawing paper. This is where I decided to let my love of owls shine and started drawing them over and over again.

So…this is what I came up with so far.

I got the idea for the background “Drag Art” from my handy “Big Ass Book of Crafts,” by Mark Montano. Then I drew the owl and painted over it.

I like the way it looks but I’m still deciding if I wanted to add more or not.

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