Why do I love the blogs I do?

As part of my journey to be inspired, I’m enrolled in an e-course, called Flying Lessons: Tips and Tricks to Help Your Creative Biz Soar, by Kelly Rae Roberts. Now, I know this is not exactly what I had on my 14 week challenge, but I think it will actually lead me to a lot of stuff on that list.

Every day, she has a new lesson and the lesson I am currently on is Blogging (an overview). While I have been blogging for a little over a year now, my blogs still need A LOT of work. Every time I find a new blog, I try to pin it (mind you, I just started doing this so my list is a little low and I need to add some blogs). But I thought I would also make a list of the blogs I love and why. I continue to go back to these blogs when I lose focus, or just need some helpful distraction.

So, here’s my list. These blogs are AMAZING if you are into crafting/art/etc. Please feel free to leave links to your blogs or any blogs you love!

Kelly Rae Roberts: I did not find out about her blog until I saw one of my friends comment on something on Facebook that led to her. As someone who wants to design websites, I fell in love. This was right up my ally. The colors felt warm and welcoming. Her pictures were honest and I could assume that they were true stills of her life. Most of all, it felt like we could be friends. She didn’t feel like one of those bloggers who think they are above everybody because they have the coolest blog ever. She is super positive and she writes….like me. Most of all, she has a book out, which is my dream in life.

Going Home to Roost: This makes me think of the country every time I look at this blog. Her colors are also very warm and light, and just make me feel comfortable once I enter her site. Not only that, but she has everything I love. Crafts and food. I finally broke down and signed up for a $5/month membership as it comes with a lot of goodies, which are worth more than the membership! You can get discounts on her stuff, advertising, etc. And she sends you a bunch of useful stuff. You can check out the membership details here.

Indie Fixx: This website is where I got my idea for the 14 week challenge! I love her. Her blog looks a little more formal and not as warm, but it has everything my heart desires. Indie biz resources, DIY crafts, printables, and even an online magazine, another goal of mine. I love this site so much, I wrote a small review in a local publication, SN&R.

So far, these are my favorites. I have more to add and will do so when I have more time. Again, feel free to add any that you adore in a comment so I can check em out and post about them!


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