14 week challenge: Week 1/ Day 1

Day one: Start/ finish a new art project.

A couple weeks ago, I was gifted a small canvas that belonged to Sam’s mom. A couple days ago, I started working on it.

While I love owls and want to decorate my daughter’s room in everything owl (which will ultimately make her despise owls), I’ve never been able to draw one.

This weekend, I drew owls, over and over again. And over again. When I was finally satisfied with my owl drawing abilities, I decided I would paint an owl to hang up in Cecilia’s room.

Today, I finally busted out my paint supplies and got to work. It had been a long time since I painted anything and I was excited to start. A little drowsy from my nap, I woke right up when I started painting and felt the motivation kicking into high gear. About time.
Here’s what I have so far. Tomorrow I will need to do a couple more layers of paint and do some detail work. But I’m happy with what I have at this point.

As for the challenge, I am energized to get on all my projects and my days finally feel worthwhile. I guess being lazy can pay off sometimes.


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